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Cooking classes

pappa al pomodoroThe restaurant’s kitchen and chefs are available for small Tuscan cooking classes. Tuscan cuisine is renowned for its simplicity and genuinity, and its recipes are easy to learn and reproduce at home. We will not teach you fancy recipes, but the principles that will enable you, once home, to cook the most famous, yet simple, Tuscan dishes.

You can choose the type of course you prefer. Each lesson lasts 2 to 3 hours and the choice of recipes will vary according to the season and to your requests. At the end of each lesson you will taste the dishes you prepared, paired with the house’s fine wines. Here are some suggestions!

40/60€ for person

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Sporting activities

yogaWe have a weekly schedule from which, by booking, you can choose daily appointments for yoga, morning muscle toning and aqua aerobics in our pool.

8€ for person, min. 2 persons

Horseback riding

cav1In partnership with the "Centro Equestre I Guelfi Neri", we organise riding lessons and/or horseback riding treks. You will explore the Tuscan hills in the saddle, stopping by, as always, for some local wine or a traditional Tuscan food tasting.

> Centro Equestre Guelfineri

Massages and relax

mas2Upon booking, you can treat yourself to a relaxing massage at home!
the Ayurvedic Massage
The Sarva Bhyanga is an age-old Indian traditional massage that preserves and promotes good health. It means massage of the entire body and is practiced by two or four hands with hot oil, usually pure sesame oil or medicated oils.

Practiced by one masseur only, it lasts about 50 minutes + 10 minute rest.
PRICE: 50€ for person

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Wine tasting

degustazioniOn booking, we organize wine tasting sessions and visits to our cellars. You can taste our wines paired with a rich selection of meats and cheeses, our oil on a Tuscan bread bruschetta and finish with our Vin Santo and homemade Cantucci biscuits!

15/25€ for person

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Trekking through the vineyards

trek2Walking tour through the vineyards to enjoy the beauty of the Tuscan countryside discovering old farmhouses and historical buildings. Easy trekking of 5 km/12 Km

20/30€ for person

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