Around Torricella

Montespertoli and its surroundings

MontespertoliMontespertoli is just 20 km from Florence and 30 km from San Gimignano. On one side we have the valley that leads to the river Pesa (Val di Pesa), on the other the valley of the river Elsa (Val d'Elsa). The countryside surrounding the town offers postcard landscapes: a succession of rolling hills covered with vineyards and olive trees, with unpaved roads lined with rows of cypress trees.

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Getting around on foot

trek1The area surrounding Montespertoli is ideal for those who love hiking trails and mountain biking: the slopes are gentle, the scenery fantastic and the possible trails are different, depending on one’s physical form or expectations. In the next section, we will suggest some possible routes.

> Hiking and mountain biking in Montespertoli: 3 possible routes.
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Getting around by horse cart

11I Cocchieri del Chianti is a project created by Cantiere Ikrea, a local street theatre association. Sitting comfortably on an ancient horse carriage, you can visit the countryside around Montespertoli, via castles and historic houses, and maybe making a stop to sample the local wine and traditional Tuscan dishes. On request, musicians and actors will cheer your journey with music, stories or anecdotes.


Chianti trips

12Tuscany is located in central Italy. The Chianti area is situated in the region’s centre, between the cities of Florence, Siena and Arezzo. A delightful hilly landscape, rich in diversity - no less than the famous cities that surround it. The name "Chianti", synonymous around the world with its prestigious wine, is however currently used to indicate areas of land bounded otherwise. It is therefore necessary to make some things a little more clearer.

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