Massages and relax

mas1Upon booking, you can treat yourself to a relaxing massage at home!

The Ayurvedic Massage

The Sarva Bhyanga is an age-old Indian traditional massage that preserves and promotes good health. It means massage of the entire body and is practiced by two or four hands with hot oil, usually pure sesame oil or medicated oils.
The main benefits of the treatments of the Sarva Bhyanga are:

  • it prevents and corrects the aging process
  • It promotes restful sleep
  • It promotes good digestion and helps to nourish the body
  • It helps the person to overcome fatigue and promotes physical stamina
  • It prevents and corrects disorders caused by afflictions of the nervous system
  • It promotes good eye sight
  • It promotes longevity

Practiced by one masseur only, it lasts about 50 minutes + 10 minute rest.

Note: The service is not on site so booking in advance is advised.


50€ for person

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